Well-coordinated teamwork speaks about us

We, Ali Agro Chemicals Private Limited, are known for our high-quality fertilisers, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, weedicides and nutrients. We came into being in the year 2003 after intense hard work and dedication. Our products are widely sold in the areas of Sindh, Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan and other areas in the country. Our overriding goal is to deliver high-performing environmentally friendly fertilisers that do not contaminate the soil or plant.

The future needs food. And the only way we’re going to feed everyone is to lead the agriculture industry in innovation and bold new thinking. With each nutrient, each solution, and each day, we’re growing a better world around the world. Mera Bharosa is AAC’s electoral franchise network responsible for supplying our crop-safeguarding products across Pakistan through our stores and online ordering, Mera Bharosa along with our team helps farmers/growers in making the best choice for their fields.

At AAC, we never stop growing, because our country never does. Our team can help us weather a storm, but with that ability comes a great responsibility to our growers and customers, our employees and our communities, and Pakistan. AAC creates value for all our farmers, employees, suppliers, food chain partners, the communities where we work, and society at large. We measure our success not only by our business performance but also by the benefits we bring to farming and the environment.