Cucumber is eaten all around the world in salads and pickles and it is mandatory to be added to a healthy diet plan. Cucumber is rich in vitamin K and keeps bones healthy and strong. It also helps with maintaining balanced eyesight and good eyesight. Cultivation of cucumber is mainly carried out in the areas of Punjab Balochistan and KPK.

Corn or maize is rich in fibre, minerals, vitamins and other vital nutrients. They are used to prepare oil, chips cereal and are also eaten after getting steamed. Corn is onnw of the mossst excessively grown crops around the country as it is majorly grown in the areas of KPK and Punjab.

Sunflowers are grown all over Pakistan. They are valued for their vibrant colourful petals and the way they bloom and their nutritious oilseeds that are full of energy. The seeds are commonly harvested for bird seeds. Moreover, sunflower sees and petals are also used to create medicines to cure various diseases.


Potatoes are cultivated in almost all areas of Pakistan. From north to south, potatoes are loved by everyone out there. Potatoes are rich in  Vitamin C, minerals, fibre and resistant starch which help us maintain heart health, stabilise the nervous system and help the body to maintain good structure and bone health.

Apples are juicy, crispy and sweet and are eaten all around the globe. they are rich in vitamin C, fibre and other vital nutrients. In Pakistan, majorly apple cultivation is carried out in the northern areas as the apple turns out to be of their finest quality.

Chillies are extensively used in many cuisines and dishes. It helps in enhancing metabolism and improves the digestive system whereas it also helps to prevent cancer. Pakitan is one of the leading countries that produce various types of chillies. They need a warm and humid climate for vegetation and dry weather at the time when they turn mature.